How to Recycle Electronics and Why Your Small Business Should

How to Recycle Electronics and Why Your Small Business Should

There’s a good chance your business uses a fair amount of electronic devices to manage your operations. There’s also a good chance that you update those electronics fairly regularly. So what do you do with the old devices when you replace them?

For electronic devices ranging from printers to mobile devices, recycling can be a great option. There are plenty of benefits for businesses and ways you can recycle relatively easily. Here are some reasons why your business should recycle electronics along with tips for doing so.

Get Money Back

In some cases, you can get money back from stores or manufacturers when you bring in old electronics for recycling. These programs are most prominent with large items like computers and laptops. But retailers like Walmart and GameStop also have trade-in programs for cell phones, TVs, gaming devices and other electronics.

You likely won’t make tons of money by trading in electronic devices. But if you’re purchasing new items, the return can help a bit with making those new purchases more affordable.

Provide More Resources for Manufacturers

When you do recycle, your old electronics can provide some of the raw materials necessary for manufacturers to make more of those devices. Aside from that meaning less raw materials used, it can also make the process of making electronics cheaper and more energy efficient.

So over the long run, recycling electronics can save manufacturers money. And that can eventually lead to cost savings for consumers as well. If your business purchases a lot of electronics, that can certainly be a long-term benefit.

Produce Less Harmful Waste

If you don’t recycle your electronics and simply throw them away, they can be a huge detriment to the environment. Many electronic devices contain heavy metals like lead and mercury, which can be extremely harmful to both land and water.

So by recycling them instead, you can help your local area avoid harmful pollution and contamination issues. This can make your community a nicer place to live, meaning it’s also a better home for your small business.

Donate to Charity

There are also plenty of opportunities for you to donate old electronics that are still usable to charitable organizations to give them new life. Organizations like the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the World Computer Exchange will take certain electronics and offer them to people in need. You can even have an organization like Purple Heart come pick up items from your home.

This option is less about recycling the raw materials into new items. But it still ensures that your old electronics get reused and don’t just get thrown into landfills. And in some cases, the donations may even help your small business during tax season.

Here’s How to Recycle Electronics

If you want to get money back for your electronics or discounts on future purchases, your best bet is to check with the manufacturer or retail stores like Best Buy. In fact, Best Buy will collect and recycle all electronics, no matter where you bought them or how old they are. But they don’t necessarily guarantee money back.

Alternatively, you can take old electronics to local recycling facilities. Use a locator like Call2Recycle to find a facility in your area and then just make sure they accept electronics.

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